3 London Tours You Can't Miss

London is chock full of themed tours that will transport you not only to another time but to a different dimension. Did somebody say Tardis? The first stop on our list is the Doctor Who Walking Tour of London hosted by VisitBritain Shop. Britain has been home to the show for 50 years, so walkers will have no shortage of real-life locations where some of the show’s most famous scenes were shot. This 2.5-hour tour with expert guides will entertain you with little known facts and trivia while taking you on a journey through London with the Doctor.

Speaking of dimensions, it’s time to step into the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter. The award-winning Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London brings you up close and personal with J. K. Rowling’s vision. Visitors are invited to walk through famous sets such as the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Forbidden Forest. And that’s just the beginning! Catch a glimpse of some of the films’ most iconic props—Sorting Hat, anyone?—and costumes, as well as an inside look into how many of the special effects were used to create the movie magic. Accio, tickets!

If you want to take a break from Hollywood nostalgia, London Spy Tours is the perfect choice to continue your trip down the unconventional lane. Travel like the spies, and hop on board either a vintage London bus or traditional black taxi. “M” will guide spy fanatics through London’s undercover spy networks and reveal history’s secret agents, betrayals, and even Churchill’s secret war bunker. Of course, no spy tour would be complete without a trip to 007’s MI5 headquarters. So buckle up, stay undercover, and spy!

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