With tourism in China booming, the www.Cals-List.com team did our best to find one of the best travel operators out there for your next Asian excursion. Nimbus Travel is a top-notch tour operator and destination management company that specializes in tours all across China. The founders have been in the industry for over 15 years, meaning they have the knowledge and perspective to provide you with your best visit to China, a journey sure to be filled with new and exciting experiences. They’re based in Shanghai, Hanan, and Beijing, and are ready to go above and beyond to assist in making anyone’s trip to China absolutely incredible.

We’ve poured over reviews and press that prove Nimbus offers tours of every corner of the vast country, with countless options for variability, and catered services for whatever you may need – from booking reservations, assisting with visas, offering 24×7 service with an outstanding tour guide, and of course, curating the adventure! China has a rich history and a strong progressive culture, with unmatched landscapes and unlimited hidden gems. The Nimbus Travel team covers all the bases, catering to adventure seekers, business ventures, solo travelers, and those of you looking simply to relax in peace. They work around your schedule arranging tours based on your time table, so if you are in the country for a few days or a few weeks, they will make every experience worthwhile.

Keep yourself up to date on the latest hot spots and trends by following their Facebook feed, they do an amazing job of posting about beautiful events all around Beijing, Henan, and Shanghai.

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