New friends in new places: Trip Tribe

Ready or not, the travel industry is changing, and we’re here for it!

Today’s travelers are all about the experience: the local culture, people they meet, what they can see and do. It’s the ability to travel to your individual tastes that makes the trip most memorable. That’s what Trip Tribe does.

In some ways, Trip Tribe is a social network for travelers. Users customize their profiles based on their own preferences and interests, and Trip Tribe connects them to various available trips all around the world that match their profiles. For single travelers who want to be around like-minded people, Trip Tribe also connects travelers with similar interests so you can get suggestions from their travel history.

But this travel network isn’t just for the traveler, it’s also for the travel planners. Travel experts interested in leading a tour can also work with Trip Tribe to organize a travel group. Some trip leaders already have a loyal following, and they just want to coordinate a trip for everyone to go on together. Others have a passion for travelling and teaching and want to invite anyone interested in what they have to offer.

While most Trip Tribe trips are yoga and fitness focused, other popular trip types are cycling, food and drink, and photography among a wide variety. Just like Cals-List, Trip Tribe likes to make things simple. Each tour page provides a quick list of what the cost covers, activities that will be going on, and any good to know information for that particular trip, such as recommended packing lists and local weather.

Whatever and wherever you choose to travel, just know that Trip Tribe is designed with YOU in mind. Their trip leaders must choose from a curated list of destinations, so you can be sure that your trip is 100 percent Trip Tribe approved. 

For now, know that here at, we’re thrilled to be partnered with such an ingenious, customizable platform, ripe with opportunity for making lifelong memories.

Let’s get packing!

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