Earth Lovers Rejoice!

We know you love to travel this beautiful planet, but don’t we all love to care for it too? What’s the best way to celebrate all the magnificence our world has to offer, while being conscious of the delicate balance of resources it has provided for us?

The answer has been laid clear by a growing trend in the tourism industry… Sustainable travel.

In a period ripe with fundamental questions regarding the sustainability of our everyday trends, it’s only right to ask how one of the biggest economic industries in the world – tourism – can be better approached with an earth-aware focus. Those of us eager to appreciate the beauty of uncharted territories shouldn’t have to reckon with the trade off of potentially damaging their natural abundance. So, a new facet of the tourism industry is unfolding before us, and Cals-List is stepping on board from the get go.

Cals-List is building in a functionality for finding Sustainable Travel options at every chance we can – linking you to eco-friendly lodging options, locally sourced restaurants, eco-tour groups, and sustainability-oriented resources (think blogs, instagrams, etc.) all around the world. This movement for respecting the world as we know it is increasing exponentially, and we don’t want you to miss a beat.

As stated by Fran Brasseux, the Executive Director of Hotel Sales and Marketing for the Association International Foundation – “Green is no longer just a trend. It’s a way of life”. And in a recent study done by, 40% of travelers said that if online booking sites offered an eco-friendly filter, it would help them fulfill their sustainable travel intentions. So we’re doing just that.

To start you off on your next big adventure, check out The Touristin, a sustainability focused blogger based in Berlin, or book a tour with DC Cycling Concierge – a tour operator offering a zero-emissions experience of Washington, DC.

The Touristin - Earth friendly tourism
DC Cycling Concierge - Zero Emission Tours

Stay tuned for many more examples of our fantastic partners who are helping travelers like you and me to see the world for its raw magnificence, inspiring ecologically conscious wanderings worldwide. And continue to check back in to to stay up to date on the best options for sustainable tourism in every destination.

P.S. If you operate a sustainable travel oriented business and you would like to be featured on our directory, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at

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