Make some memories First Hand

Picture this:

Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs, the Warriors charge onto the court to defend their title against the Raptors within a stadium fueled by heart-pumping music, flashing lights, and bouts of pride emanating from athletes and fans of rivaling cities. Taking a quick look around, you see that you have a better view of the showdown than… Lebron? Sheer luck, perhaps.

But then the lights come up on Hamilton at the renowned Richard Rodgers Theatre, and you can feel the energy of Broadway’s newest star, Austin Scott, beaming straight into your front row vantage point. There’s no need for imagination, because these far fetched experiences become a lot more feasible when you’re able to securely book high quality tickets at the most reasonable price point available.

At First Hand Tickets, getting top notch seats isn’t exactly a rare occurrence due to the exemplary service and unmatched offerings they provide to their customers. Specializing in hard to find and sold out events, the team at First Hand Tickets are at your service when it comes to getting you the best seats for concerts, sports, and theater events. And they aren’t just in the United States, they cover events all over the world.

As one of Cals-List’s earliest partners on the site, First Hand Tickets shares the same goal of serving customers with top-notch service, getting you right to the heart of the action. According to First Hand Tickets President Warren Schreiber, that means unlike every other online site, First Hand Tickets “does not add fees at checkout so [they] are always less expensive on all sports, theater, and concert tickets around the globe”.

So the next time you’re looking for some hard-to-find tickets or simply wanting an amazing view of any kind of show, check out First Hand Tickets under the Tickets section of our Entertainment category on the Washington, DC or New York City pages. You can be sure that you’ll have a great time at some of the biggest shows with the best seats! To get unprecedented access at the most competitive prices, make First Hand Tickets your first stop in your hunt for memorable experiences in cities across the globe.

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